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How do you find reactions from fans or kids to Loki’s character?

TOM HIDDLESTON: Mark Ruffalo’s son. I kind of dedicate my performance to his son, his ten-year old, because he was on set a lot.  Joss Whedon and Kevin Feige, the producer, they were enormously supportive on set.  They were very complimentary when they liked something that I was doing.  I would do a take, and they would say, “Awesome.  You got it.  Let’s — “  And Kevin Feige would be like, “God, that was great.  Let’s move on.”  And you get on with the day.  The days that Mark’s son was there, he was like, “Awesome job, Tom. We got it.  Let’s move on.”  Kevin would say the same thing, and then Mark’s son would say, “Oh, my God!  Tom!  That was incredible!  That was the most awesome thing I have ever seen!”  And I’m like, “I am doing this for you.”  And, you know, there were days when Mark would come in with him just to watch, because he wanted to watch.  He’d be like, “I’m sorry.  We’re here again.  He just loves you.”  And then you realize that that’s the power that these films can have.

It’s such a beautiful thing.  It’s a really amazing privilege.

This….this is what inspires me to be a filmmaker….THis is the WHOLE reason

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